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FIRE & RISK ENGINEERING offers a broad base of experience, diverse capabilities and a fundamental commitment to technical excellence in the following areas:

Fire Protection Engineering:
The application of engineering and scientific principles to the evaluation and analysis of fire/explosion phenomena, including fire behavior, spread and development.

Fire Protection Systems Evaluation:  Analysis of fuel loads, combustibility, pyrometrics, construction, life safety and tenability factors, and building/process operations in the performance analysis of sprinkler and other fire protection systems.

Forensic Engineering and Litigation Support:
Determination of fire cause, origin, development and spread as well as contributing factors.  This includes the development and testing of scientifically-reliable hypotheses and sensitivity analyses, as well as "what-if" scenarios, which can be effectively communicated through relevant expert testimony to diverse audiences.

Risk Management Consulting, Master Planning and Program Development:
The combination of assessment, loss control and financing toward reduction in the overall cost of fire/explsoion and related business risks.

Fire, Life Safety and Building Code Consulting:
Identification, interpretation and development of equivalent alternatives based upon a qualified understanding of the purpose, evolution and underlying intent of the applicable and relevant codes, standards and regulations.

Risk Assessments and Fire Defense Evaluations:
Evaluation of the actual level of fire and life safety through the comprehensive assessment of risk in comparison/contrast with available fire/emergency defense capabilities.

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